What is the story your company tells? Is it a story that is so honest, captivating and unique, your customers are willing to pay a premium price to become part of it?

Are the stories you tell the same ones your customers tell? How does your “promise” live up to customer’s expectations? And when you fail on your promise, how do you handle the conversation?

By listening to understand your customer’s deepest desires, you have the opportunity to do truly amazing things worth talking about. Developing a deep awareness of who you are and how you fit into your customer’s world brings a sense of identity and a clarity of intentions to your operations and communications. This combination achieves powerful results across multiple bottom lines.

We help you discover that promise — how your company exists in the minds and hearts of your customers. We help you bring your company’s vision (business strategy) in line with your customers’ experience (the brand) and build a foundation that guides future decision-making.

We do our work with you, developing a diverse project team with a variety of complementary skills. Our positive-infused approach helps open up your team’s thinking to reveal fresh perspectives. We help you step outside your organization — the politics, the existing ways of behaving — and challenge the assumptions and patterns that limit thinking and listening.

Our collaboration tools enhance your team’s ability to embrace change, improve knowledge sharing and engage in on-going adaptation to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Build a sustainable, life-enhancing company — designing business that speaks to your world in unison. Contact us today.

Recent client challenges

  • “How can we get everyone in the company behind our vision?”
  • “Our customer participation continues to decline. What can we do?”
  • “We add more and more new initiatives to grow the business. When we step back to evaluate our progress, we’re in the same place (except that our staff is exhausted).”
  • “We have no unifying goal. Our operational strategy is to respond to the personal agendas of strong personalities.”
  • “We have too many things to do and don’t know what to do next.”

Our facilitation work

  • Company reinvention and renewal
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic planning, brand strategy
  • Market assessment
  • New product development
“A rare combination of artist and strategist who could take my business and help me make visible my words and intention.” — Debra Valle, CEO, Marketing U