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29 04, 2006

Organizational culture and leadership

Sat, Apr 29, 2006|Filed in: Books|Topics: , , |Comments Off on Organizational culture and leadership

by Edgar H. Schein. Whether they intend to or not, leaders play a crucial role in creating and manifesting an organizational culture's capability of achieving its mission and goals. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary business realities, Schein defines culture and demonstrates the impact leaders have in forming culture in their own organizations.

28 04, 2006

Jonathan Haidt: The Happiness Hypothesis

Fri, Apr 28, 2006|Filed in: Books|Topics: , , , , |Comments Off on Jonathan Haidt: The Happiness Hypothesis

by Jonathan Haidt. This is a book about ten great ideas. Each chapter is an attempt to savor one idea that has been discovered by several of the world's civilizations — to question it in light of what we now know from scientific research, and to extract from it the lessons that still apply to our modern lives... It is a book about how to construct a life of virtue, happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

17 04, 2006

3-minute egg

Mon, Apr 17, 2006|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , |Comments Off on 3-minute egg

Practical suggestions about thinking creatively. Published every month, on the first day of the month by Crown Point Press in San Francisco, printers and publishers of fine art limited edition etchings and

The April edition is about carving out time for art. Watch the video.

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