On June 28, 2008 the OSR-Northwest Board hereby recognizes and honors Paul Dupree with the Don Swartz Award for Paul’s exceptional service to the OSR Community.

The purpose of this award, given by the OSR-Northwest board, is to recognize “above-and-beyond” contributions that infuse vitality and significantly support the renewal or sustainability of the OSR Program. The award recognizes exceptional contributions that embody Don Swartz’s essential qualities: generosity of spirit; reality based application of skills, knowledge, talents; systems learning; presence; and the capacity to bring forth and work with that which emerges.

Since volunteering in 2007 to apply his mastery of design skills to making the “look and feel” of the OSR web site congruent with his experience and love of the OSR Program, Paul has transformed the way that people are introduced to OSR when they visit the web. By sharing his passions for design, appreciative inquiry, and dialogue, Paul embodies the ideals of the OSR Program. The processes Paul brings to his work with OSR mid-wife emergence and his inspired products for OSR manifest the heart and soul of the OSR Program.