Paul is a catalyst for helping individuals and groups develop new ideas and create meaningful change.

Paul Dupree

An early background in music-making and theater production helped develop his passion for creating extraordinary experiences for groups and audiences. Early career projects focused that passion through reinventing companies by developing a customer-focused culture.

At The Washington Opera in 1985, Paul helped develop one of the first integrated sales and fundraising strategies for a performing arts organization. This new thinking, alongside a consistent product aligned to customer expectations, led to extraordinary income growth — subscription sales increasing from 70% to 100% of capacity over a five-year period.

In the early ’90s, his customer-centered strategies for pricing and packaging at the Baltimore Symphony increased participation from long-term customers at a time when other orchestras were down-sizing subscription series offers.

With Kennedy Center’s Education Department, he helped create new standards for developing student study guides for music, dance and theater performances now used by performing arts companies nationwide to nurture on-going relationships with young attendees.

Since moving to California in 1995, his work has increasingly focused on positive, sustainable change initiatives needed to design successful brand strategies and develop customer-focused cultures. Paul is a 2005 graduate of Seattle’s Organization Systems Renewal (OSR) Master’s program.

“Paul asks great questions. His ability to listen closely to what I say, hear what I’m not saying, and phrase questions so that I discover the answers is unique in my experience. I recommend Paul to anyone interested in improving their brand identity and market position.” — CEO, consulting company