the ideas, feelings, or beliefs that people have about a specific product, service, or company. In addition, organizations and other entities such as museums, neighborhoods, groups of people, and countries can be branded. Branding includes the emotional as well as the functional aspects that a person associates with a particular entity or product — aspects which differentiate it from the offerings of other companies or organizations. Since a person’s idea of a brand stems from his or her own feelings and perception, one can say that it is really people who create brands, whereas companies and organizations create products and services. (DE)
brand identity
the outward expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications and visual appearance (Neumeier)
brand strategy
Companies develop tools such as a brand strategy to influence the consumer’s idea, feelings, or beliefs about a specific product or service. Brand strategy is basically how organizations create and position their offerings in the market place in order to achieve brand differentiation and brand relevance. Differentiation pertains to the uniqueness that may distinguish one’s product or service from the offerings of competitors, while brand relevance is the degree that a service or product meets the need or wants of it target audience. Companies want people to associate what they have to offer with a good branding experience and with positive feelings for their product or service. (DE)
CRM — Customer relationship management
system software to manage customer relationships
any place where people come in contact with a brand, including product use, packaging, advertising, editorial, movies, events, store environments, company employees and casual conversations (Neumeier)
Web 2.0
a vague collective term for the websites that have appeared in the last few years which focus on social interaction and networking, and which give users far more control over their content. Examples are blogging, podcasts, wikis, social bookmarking, collaboration spaces, music and video sharing.


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