What if change brought energy, excitement and possibility to your company?

Appreciative Inquiry is a process that helps you ask “what’s working around here?” You explore what gives life to human systems when they function at their best. From the best of what is and has been, you create the possible future — “what could be.”

Because this possibility is grounded in reality, people have both the ability to repeat past successes and the energy to move toward the new future. This approach to organizational change is based on the assumption that questions and dialogue about strengths, successes, values, hopes and dreams are themselves transformational.

Appreciative Inquiry provides a way to harness the energy of the people within your company to lead the very change they need to make. Hallmarks of Appreciative Inquiry initiatives are energy, enthusiasm, collaboration and innovative ways of working that come from the system itself.

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“Running meetings using Appreciate Inquiry has been unbelievable. People have been so excited and so engaged. It’s spectacular.” — Pat Wayne, Associate Director, Arts Orange County