Top 10 tips and tricks to train, exercise and better your brain

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From Adam Dachis on Lifehacker: While we're always using our brains, we're not necessarily doing much to keep them in good shape. Here are the top ten sites and tools to train your brain and exercise your mental muscles. · Go to Top 10 tips and tricks to train, exercise and better your brain →

How the brain shops

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From Science News: Individual human brain cells can be savvy shoppers, tuning their behavior to precisely reflect the worth of a candy bar, finds a study published January 5 in The Journal of Neuroscience. Understanding how these bean-counting neurons operate may help scientists get a better idea of how the brain assigns value to objects. · Go to How the brain shops →

Big Think interview with Christopher Chabris

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“Your brain doesn’t work as well as you think it does, says psychologist Christopher Chabris, author of The Invisible Gorilla. In his Big Think interview, the Gorillas in Our Midst researcher explains that “there’s a whole category of intuitions that are actually systematically wrong in very dangerous ways.” Particular offenders, he says, are the intuitions we have about how our own minds work. Chabris warns that we tend to be seduced by others’ self confidence, whether they are forecasting the stock markets or the weather, and we tend to assign undue confidence to our own memories — especially intense recollections of traumatic events. The bottom line, according to Chabris, is that “what [people] ought to do is think a little bit more about how their intuitions about the mind might be wrong.” · Go to Big Think interview with Christopher Chabris →

Dozen and one Brain Hacks that will super tune your brain in a week

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· Go to Dozen and one Brain Hacks that will super tune your brain in a week →

Robert A. Burton, M.D.

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graduated from Yale University and the University of California at San Francisco medical school, where he also completed his neurology residency. At age thirty-three, he was appointed chief of the Division of Neurology at Mt. Zion-UCSF Hospital, where he subsequently became Associate Chief of the Department of Neurosciences. His writings include the recent book On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You’re Not, three critically acclaimed novels and a neuroscience and culture column at — Mind Reader. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. · Go to Robert A. Burton, M.D. →

Keeping Your Brain Fit

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From US News & World Report: There’s plenty you can do to slow the effects of aging. Here’s how to keep your thinking and memory sharp · Go to Keeping Your Brain Fit →

Ned Hallowell on Nurturing the Wonderful 'Turbo' Brain

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Feed your ADHD brain by connecting in as many positive ways as you can. · Go to Ned Hallowell on Nurturing the Wonderful ‘Turbo’ Brain →

Rethinking the brain business

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Why a mental-fitness program may be the start of something big. · Go to Rethinking the brain business →