14 Ways to Get Breakthrough Ideas

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From ChangeThis: Is there anything a person can do — beyond caffeine, corporate pep talks, or astrology readings -to quicken the appearance of breakthrough ideas? Yes, there is. And it begins with the awareness of where ideas come from in the first place. · Go to 14 Ways to Get Breakthrough Ideas →


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online mind mapping · Go to MindMeister →

Square Watermelon Problem Solving

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From Dumb Little Man: So next time you are faced with a dilemma at work that seems impossible to compete. Take a glance at these goofy watermelons and remember to think differently. If that doesn’t do it, here are a handful of other things you can try. · Go to Square Watermelon Problem Solving →

How to get great ideas: Lessons for brainstorming

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From Leadership Now: Essential rules for effective brainstorming · Go to How to get great ideas: Lessons for brainstorming →

In defense of brainstorming

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From Scott Berkun · Go to In defense of brainstorming →

Mind42 — Free Online Mind Map

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Open Source mindmap where you can collaborate in real time. · Go to Mind42 — Free Online Mind Map →

Creative thought and skills

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Instant judgment is an enemy of creative thought. The basis of traditional brainstorming is that you suspend judgment, withhold judgment and delay judgment. · Go to Creative thought and skills →

Naming Tips

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When brainstorming for brand names, here are two different types and purposes for the naming process. · Go to Naming Tips →