Website style guide resources

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Things to help you make your own style guide · Go to Website style guide resources →

An in-depth overview of living style guide tools

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From Smashing Magazine: Following the market’s demand for minimalistic and consistent UIs, and the growth in modular web development, we tend to pay more and more attention to documentation and the efficiency of designer–engineer workflow with each project we undertake. Also, since the documentation process is often the weakest spot for modern web teams, we’re constantly looking for the right tools to help us.
Living style guides help front-end developers transform front-end code bases into well-described pattern libraries with the minimum of effort. But to make them really efficient, we need to choose the proper tools — so let’s have a closer look at what our community has to offer. · Go to An in-depth overview of living style guide tools →

Behind the scenes of The New York Times Magazine redesign

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From It's Nice That: While magazine redesigns often receive a great deal of attention, few are likely to be more scrutinised than the new-look New York Times Magazine which debuts on Sunday. The Times is the leading newspaper in the US and its magazine is read by nearly four million people every week. When listed, the changes design director Gail Bichler and her new art director Matt Willey have implemented sound exhaustive – redrawn fonts, a redrawn logo, a new approach to lay-outs, a new-look version of the online magazine. Add to this a raft of new features and editorial changes (such as a new weekly poem, a column that rotates between four critics and a dispatch from the frontline of internet culture) and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the new magazine will be unrecognisable. · Go to Behind the scenes of The New York Times Magazine redesign →

Pantone 2015 color of the year: Marsala

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A warm blend that goes well with cool colors. · Go to Pantone 2015 color of the year: Marsala →

Looking at images: Phi grid vs. rule of thirds

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From Design Shack: How you frame and crop images can impact engagement and even how a person looking at the image feels about it (whether they know it or not). Here, we’re going to look at two different ways of thinking about images – using the phi grid and rule of thirds — and how you can apply them to your work. · Go to Looking at images: Phi grid vs. rule of thirds →

The urban dictionary of design slang

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From Fast Company: Here are all the designer terms you need to know, as well as quite a few most designers would love to never hear again. · Go to The urban dictionary of design slang →

Google web fonts typographic project

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There are over 650 Google web fonts available for free. Problem is, pairing typefaces isn’t easy. And, many of the fonts in Google’s library don’t work well when applied to typical webpage (desktop) layouts. Using passages from the Project Gutenberg transcript of Æsop’s Fables, this collaborative, ongoing project helps provide typographic inspiration for using Google’s free web fonts. · Go to Google web fonts typographic project →

The ultimate guide to color theory for designers

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From Vandelay Design: Color theory comprises the basic techniques of picking a matching color series. The colors you choose when designing your website can convey different thoughts and emotions about your brand, so it’s imperative you choose the right colors for your brand. For example, if you were building a website about top beaches in the U.S. verses if you were creating an online store that offered daily deals like Groupon, you’d want to use very different color combinations when designing each site since they convey differing messages – one site conveys relaxation while the other conveys adrenaline pumping excitement for getting an awesome deal.

This guide explores the subject of color relative to web and graphic design. The information is meant to be introductory while also getting into more applicable topics for digital designers. Advanced color theory is something best learned through practice rather than theory, but in order to improve, you have to start somewhere. Along with helpful tips and ideas for designing with color, you’ll also find plenty of valuable resources interspersed throughout the article. · Go to The ultimate guide to color theory for designers →