2 03, 2012

Jointly design next steps with your team

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From Roger Schwarz: Jointly designing next steps is one of the Ground Rules for Effective Teams. When you jointly design next steps, you make decisions about what to do next by involving others rather than deciding privately and unilaterally. You’re transparent, curious, and enable others to make informed choices. Using this ground rule increases the likelihood that team members […]

8 12, 2011

How to lead with compassion

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From Roger Schwarz: Compassion involves noticing others’ suffering, connecting to them cognitively and emotionally, and responding to them with help. It doesn’t mean taking responsibility for solving other people’s problems or pitying them. Here are some steps to take. · Go to How to lead with compassion →

25 07, 2011

Leading from every chair

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From Roger Schwarz: Leaders are only beginning to entertain the idea that there can be leadership from every chair. This kind of team leadership involves shared control that is engaging, fluid, and flexible, and recognizes that any one sitting around the table can provide the insight and ability to move the team forward. At the same time, it provides the […]

12 06, 2010

Bobby McFerrin: Ave Maria

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The video shows a concert by Bobby McFerrin, the world famous vocalist of the tune "don't worry, be happy." We can see how he gives the Gounod version of Bach's Ave Maria a new dimension. The way he does it is quite remarkable and simple at the same time: he makes the audience contribute to the performance.

25 10, 2007

The major missteps at the beginning of meetings and how to avoid them

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From Roger Schwarz: Most meetings get off course as soon as they start. Starting a meeting or simply a conversation is like launching a spacecraft. (No, you’re not on the lookout for aliens.) If you start the meeting just a little off course, by the end of it, you’ll be way off course. And making course corrections later […]

31 07, 2007

How to prepare for a disagreement

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From Roger Schwarz & Associates: Typical preparation usually contributes to the very results you’re trying to avoid. Approaching a challenging conversation so you can learn with the other person and craft a solution that will work for everyone takes a very different kind of preparation. · Go to How to prepare for a disagreement →