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5 10, 2005

Grow your business by aligning strategy with customer expectations

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By listening to understand your customer's deepest desires, you have the opportunity to do truly amazing things worth talking about. Developing a deep awareness of who you are and how you fit into your customer's world brings a sense of identity and a clarity of intentions to your operations and communications. This combination achieves powerful results across multiple bottom lines.

15 07, 2003

Strategy + Business magazine

Tue, Jul 15, 2003|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , |Comments Off on Strategy + Business magazine

An award-winning management magazine, published in print and on the Web for decision makers in businesses and organizations around the world. Our purpose is to illuminate the complex choices that leaders face — in strategy, marketing, operations, human capital, public presence, governance, and other domains — and the impact of their decisions. As of 2010, we are one of the few business magazines with an expanding circulation, and we think one reason is our pragmatic but far-ranging focus, helping companies navigate the transition into the emerging global economy. Strategy+business is published by the international management consulting firm Booz & Company. · Go to Strategy + Business magazine →

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