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21 02, 2017

Poster perfect: The art of James McMullan

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From NY Times: No other living artist is more closely identified with an American theater company than James McMullan. For 30 years, his painterly posters for Lincoln Center Theater have been turned into collectibles that are more than advertising: They’re synonymous with the shows themselves. It’s hard not to think of “Carousel” without recalling his artwork for the 1994 revival that depicts a brooding Billy Bigelow, vividly illuminated from below, atop wooden horses that rear beneath an angry sky.

To commemorate Mr. McMullan’s artistic tenure with Lincoln Center, a permanent exhibition of some of his best-known works was recently installed in the lobby of the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater. For playwrights, having Mr. McMullan, 82, spend so much time considering and visualizing their created world is like having Picasso paint their child’s portrait. · Go to Poster perfect: The art of James McMullan →

16 08, 2012

Ward Shelley

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Ward Shelley works as an artist in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in large projects that freely mix sculpture and performance. Utilizing eclectic influences and a variety of media, Shelley’s installations defy classification. Over the last five years, Shelley has concentrated on bizarre functioning architectural pieces in which he lives and works during the exhibition monitored with live surveillance video equipment. · Go to Ward Shelley →

10 11, 2011

All maps lie

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From Paul Scher at Design Observer: In the late 1950s, when I was eight and nine years old, my father spent his weekends in the basement of our small, single-story house, measuring and cutting up pieces of light green laminated board. My mother repeatedly admonished my brother and I not to bother him because he was busy constructing an important invention. My brother and I continuously made fun of the so-called invention because it appeared to be nothing more than a piece 
of cardboard with three holes cut into it. We would describe to each other the scraps of board lying around with the cutout holes and break out into a gale of laughter. · Go to All maps lie →

28 03, 2011

McMullan @ Lincoln Center

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From Steven Heller at imprint: Lautrec, Mucha and McMullan: They may not be the only designers known for their theater posters, but they are arguably the most celebrated. James McMullan’s decades-long career as poster artist for the Lincoln Center Theater is even longer and more consistent than the others. And on March 29 “McMullan Posters: Gesture as Design” will open at the Vincent Astor Gallery, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (111 Amsterdam Avenue). The exhibition is officially open from March 30 through June 11, 2011. · Go to McMullan @ Lincoln Center →

23 06, 2010

Marian Bantjes: Intricate beauty by design

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From TED: In graphic design, Marian Bantjes says, throwing your individuality into a project is heresy. She explains how she built her career doing just that, bringing her signature delicate illustrations to storefronts, valentines and even genetic diagrams.

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