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23 02, 2011

Ditch Delicious, use Pinboard

Wed, Feb 23, 2011|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , , |Comments Off on Ditch Delicious, use Pinboard

From Michael Arrington at TechCrunch: The service has languished, and has the feel of a product that’s on life support. There doesn’t seem to be a passionate group of developers loving and caring for the product and making it better over time. Or at least not worse. Traffic is stagnating or dropping, depending on which analytics service you look at. Founder Joshua Schachter left long ago in frustration, and is now at Google. All Delicious really needs to do is let me bookmark sites without a lot of distraction. It hasn’t been good at that for a long, long while. · Go to Ditch Delicious, use Pinboard →

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