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9 06, 2016

The social construction of stories

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From Edge: I went for dinner with a friend who spent the whole of the evening complaining about her job, her boss, her colleagues, and her commute. Everything about her day-to-day experiences was miserable. Then, at the end of dinner, she said, "I love where I work." That's quite common. She was working for an organization where she'd always wanted to work, her parents were proud, her friends were jealous. How could she not be happy when she thought about the story of how happy she was where she was working? Her experiences—day-to-day and moment-to-moment—were telling her something quite different. · Go to The social construction of stories →

26 01, 2011


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works in a close cooperation of the Dutch Training Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NTI-NLP) in Limmen, Johannes B. Schmidt, Andrea M. Wandel and several partners to promote people in working out in an ongoing process their full authenticity and potential.

Aptitude-Academy is committed to:

  • sharing our knowledge and experience in the field of personal change
  • furthering personal development
  • teaching people in social and communication skills, problem solving and self-exploration
  • balancing thoughts and feelings to enable appropriate action in every situation
  • empowering people to confront personal challenges
  • combining what is unconventional to further unprecedented solutions · Go to Aptitude-Academy →
28 07, 2010

Vincent Kenny: Ecology of mind

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Vincent Kenny is the Director of the Institute of Constructivist Psychology in Dublin and the Director of the Accademia Costruttivista di Terapia Sistemica in Rome. He works internationally as an organizational consultant applying the framework of systemic constructivism for the improvement of human living and working in organizations, in families, in individuals.

This he does specifically in relation to dissolving inertia, difficulties, unhappiness and paradoxes within networks of conversations and in the joint construction of novel sharable viable human futures.

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28 07, 2010

Humberto Maturana: “Democracy is an attempt at coexistence, it is based on mutual respect”

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From Forum Barcelona: Humberto Maturana stated that “power is based on obedience, the person who obeys gives power to the person who orders.” He stated that “men and woman can be equally discriminating, gender doesn’t matter. It depends on the relationship that we as humans establish among ourselves. This deals with relational behavior, it is a way of relating oneself to others, it has nothing to do with the masculine or feminine gender. It is not biological, but cultural.”

Maturana used the example of the shrew, a very common animal in central Europe. This animal, he explained, regularly repeats its path in its daily life. This said, if the shrew changes its path, it returns to its cave, and starts the path again. “First it is surprised, then it repeats the path, and then it invents a new one. Something similar also happens to humans. When there isn’t a routine we become disoriented, but, in the end, we are creative.” · Go to Humberto Maturana: “Democracy is an attempt at coexistence, it is based on mutual respect” →

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