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16 05, 2017

7 tips for presenting bulleted lists in digital content

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From Nielsen Norman Group: Vertical lists attract the eye and make each list element stand out on its own. Thus, they are more effective than inline lists at making key points easier to scan, reference, and understand. · Go to 7 tips for presenting bulleted lists in digital content →

13 04, 2012

Fanfare for the comma man

Fri, Apr 13, 2012|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , |Comments Off on Fanfare for the comma man

From Ben Yagoda in NY Times: Is it safe to talk about punctuation again? Eight years ago, Lynne Truss’s best-selling “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” took, in the words of her subtitle, a “Zero Tolerance Approach” to the subject. Although Truss’s focus on errors drew the ire, if not the fire, of grammarians, linguists and other “descriptivists,” her book was, for the most part, harmless and legitimate. Still, it overlooked a lot. Maybe more than any other element of writing, punctuation combines rules with issues of sound, preference and personal style. And as Truss didn’t adequately acknowledge, even the rules change over time. The two big players in the field are the period and the comma. I’ll start with the latter because the protocol for comma use is so complicated and contingent. · Go to Fanfare for the comma man →

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