A successful living system needs two main elements — a clear identity and adaptability. Clear identity means creating and maintaining a wholeness within which all the parts are aligned. Adaptability means the capacity to pick up feedback from inside and outside and respond appropriately.

We can help you bring the whole together — uniting customers and partners outside your organization while engaging everyone inside your organization across departmental boundaries. And we help manage the change that comes as you align what you say with what you do.

Sample Opera Company

The power of working in unison

When customers are sincerely thrilled about their experience, they become outspoken “evangelists” for your company — true partners building social networks that grow your business. (Think Apple, Charles Schwab, Disney, Southwest Airlines.)

When your employees and volunteers have the opportunity to bring their best selves to collaborate and create, they can deliver compelling customer experiences for which they feel strong, intensely personal ownership. (Think Cirque du Soliel, Google, Pixar, Whole Foods.)

You’ll find new energy, passion and confidence available when the whole system is working in unison. And because you’ve learned how to see things in a new way, you’ll find yourself solving problems you thought you couldn’t fix and seizing big opportunities you never knew you had.

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“A real talent for finding the questions that open the space for positive dialogue. It was quite meaningful for me.” — Participant in collaborative learning group