On her final show, Oprah shared her greatest lessons and hopes for her viewers. In this series of posts, Paul highlights ten lessons Oprah learned, along with his related and unre­lated thoughts and stories.

Oprah’s lessons Paul’s response
Lesson 1: We are all called Some days months I think this is all hooey
Lesson 2: Nobody but you is responsible for your life Rewriting my story about my mom
Lesson 3: Everything you done to me already done to you Expanding the Golden Rule
Lesson 4: You are not alone Secrets on crumpled paper
Lesson 5: The root of our pain is all the same — unworthiness Shifts of paradigms
Lesson 6: Everyone wants to be heard Holding a sacred space for listening
Lesson 7: Be still, wait and listen Revelations in the stillness
Lesson 8: Whispers are always messages How loud does the whisper have to be?
Lesson 9: Be a safe harbor for somebody else Safety in threes
Lesson 10: Gratitude is the single greatest treasure An attempt at super-human strengths

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