Today’s world is ever-changing. Every day your customers are screening out more and more information as they become overwhelmed and have less and less time.

Unfocused stories in the marketplace are a disadvantage, especially when customers have too many choices and too little time. And when customers are choosing between products or services of similar quality and features.

Customer buying choices tend to be based on trust — requiring your company’s “promise” to be credible, consistent and clear. Trust comes when you can consistently meet and beat the customer’s expectations.

Research by Bain & Co. over the past decade has found that revenues of companies with the highest levels of customer loyalty grew more than twice as fast as those of their competitors.” — Business Week, Dec. 26, 2006

We help you deliver your promise — how to get the attention of the minds and hearts of your customers. We help you create customer experiences that align with your company’s vision (business strategy) and your customers’ experience (the brand). And we help you design customer communications that get through the increasing media clutter and speak with simplicity and clarity.

We do our work with you, developing a diverse project team with a variety of complementary skills. Our positive-infused approach helps open up your team’s thinking to reveal fresh perspectives. We help you step outside your organization — the politics, the existing ways of behaving — and challenge the assumptions and patterns that limit thinking and listening.

For many companies, transforming customers from passive buyers to fanatic evangelists is a seismic shift in thinking. Our collaboration tools improve your team’s ability to embrace the change and transitions that come as you adapt to your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Deliver a sustainable, life-enhancing company — designing business that speaks to your world in unison. Contact us today.

Recent client challenges

  • “How can we get everyone in the company behind our vision?”
  • “How can we achieve a unified voice, look and feel with our communications?”
  • “The look and feel of our communications fluctuate as executives come and go.”
  • “We’re no different from all our competitors. How do we get the public’s attention?”

Our facilitation work

  • Align brand design and customer touchpoints: advertising, Web site, customer service, product experience
  • Develop a combined customer plan: marketing, fundraising and public relations
  • Create social networks and customer-created content (Web 2.0)
  • Use technology to improve stakeholder communications, Web usability testing
  • Improve customer experiences
“A collaborator, truly invested in our company’s success… flexible, honest, conceptual, organized… Understands the many solutions possible for communication and helps us choose the best solution for impact and results.” — Client 360 feedback