Unison consultants partner with you to transform your community. Our customer-focused approach helps you create breakthrough experiences in your market.

We facilitate stakeholder conversations to discover the collective wishes and dreams for your organization. We help you engage everyone in your organization to utilize their strengths, passions and energy to make your “calling” a profound difference in our world.

And we’re at your side to navigate the change and transitions that come as you transform these dreams to reality.

We play at the intersection of business strategy & customer insight, leadership development & organizational change, collaboration & innovation, branding & communications.

Open the door to extraordinary experiences — for your employees, the customers you engage and your community. Contact us today.

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“Fills an organization, its people and its community partners with life, energy and a sense of possibility… personally transforming for everyone involved and is, literally, priceless.” — Bonnie Hall, Executive Director, Arts Orange County