From The Content Strategist: Sometimes it feels like the entire marketing world is tweeting simultaneously. You can almost feel the wave of social media managers strolling into the office with their coffee, sitting down at 9 a.m., and scheduling a flood of tweets to go out every 30 minutes for the next eight hours. It’s beautiful, really, but only if your definition of beauty is synchronized corporate communication.

But those in the know have some tricks. They know which time gets the most Facebook shares (1 p.m.), and which time gets the most clicks (3 p.m.). They know when B2B brands rock Twitter (weekdays), and when people actually pay attention to B2C brands (weekends, and Wednesday for some reason). And they know this because they probably have Neil Patel’s infographic stapled to their desk. · Go to The best times to post on social for B2B, B2C brands →