Recall your extraordinary moments.

Moments when you felt your best self was brought to light, affirmed by others and put into practice in the world. These memories are seared into our minds as moments in which we have felt alive, true to our deepest selves and pursuing our full potential as human beings.

Our approach engages people to create the kind of organizations they want for life and work by building on these extraordinary experiences. This 5-step process

  • seeks out what is generative and life-enriching within the organization
  • discovers collaboratively what gives a system life when it is most effective
  • invites exploration into positive visions of the future.

Our process is based on the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry (AI).

Sample brand strategy process →

“Running meetings using Appreciate Inquiry has been unbelievable. People have been so excited and so engaged. It’s spectacular.” — Pat Wayne, Associate Director, Arts Orange County