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17 02, 2015

Rebranding: The University of Texas at Austin

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From Dyal Design and Communication: The University of Texas at Austin is a Tier-One research university and the flagship institution of The University of Texas System.

The Longhorn silhouette is perhaps the most iconic logo in sports and is reserved for sports and spirit organizations. The eighteen academic colleges of the University developed their own logos and brand identities over time.

The combined effect of the 18 various logos created a visual hodge-podge and served to diminish the overall identity of the University. · Go to Rebranding: The University of Texas at Austin →

16 04, 2013

Pentagram’s work for the Barnes Foundation

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Pentagramʼs Abbott Miller has worked with the Foundation and the architects to capture the distinctive sensibility of the Barnes Foundation in its new identity, as well as in environmental graphics, publications and the museum’s website. · Go to Pentagram’s work for the Barnes Foundation →

25 08, 2012

MailChimp’s voice and tone

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The website makes clear through examples, tips and descriptions of feelings exactly how to achieve MailChimp’s tone of voice in all areas, including apps, social media, the main website, the blog and internal communications. The same approach and presentation could be used for printed guidelines, too. Tell team members how to get the tone right, but also show them. · Go to MailChimp’s voice and tone →

19 06, 2011

New logo for the Science Channel

Sun, Jun 19, 2011|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: |Comments Off on New logo for the Science Channel

From Branding Source: Yesterday, April 5, Discovery Communications unveiled a new look for the Science Channel, a United States television network with mostly science-themed programs. It gets a new logo, and also shortens its name to just Science. The new look will launch on-air on June 8 for the season premiere of Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman. · Go to New logo for the Science Channel →

29 08, 2010

Building brands with sound

Sun, Aug 29, 2010|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , , |Comments Off on Building brands with sound

From Brand Strategy Insider: Can sound make us buy more, want more, dream more and eat more? Any 50-year-old American can sing a whole range of television jingles from the 1970s – they are all well stored in the recesses of our brain. Yet if you were to ask the same of the generation who have recently come of age, you will find them stumped. Have the magical tunes disappeared, or has the advertising world lost sight of the fact that people do indeed have speakers at home? · Go to Building brands with sound →

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