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15 11, 2013

Typesetting: Better is not always better

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From John McWade: Normally we think that we are better at solving problems when they are presented clearly and simply. But at Princeton the opposite happened, according to Malcolm Gladwell. A 10 percent gray, 10-point italics Myriad Pro font makes reading really frustrating. You have to squint a little bit and maybe read the sentence twice, and you probably wonder halfway through who on earth thought it was a good idea to print out the test this way. Suddenly you have to work to read the question. Yet all that extra effort pays off. As Alter says, making the questions ‘disfluent’ causes people to ‘think more deeply about whatever they come across. They’ll use more resources on it. They’ll process more deeply or think more carefully about what’s going on. If they have to overcome a hurdle, they’ll overcome it better when you force them to think a little harder.’ Alter and Oppenheimer made the CRT more difficult. But that difficulty turned out to be desirable. · Go to Typesetting: Better is not always better →

14 08, 2011

No! More! Exclamation Points!

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From Nina Simon: They pop up unbidden, proliferate, and choke the goodwill of our messages with an over-cheeriness that swallows up the light. I've become the punctuation Grinch, walking into the museum at 7am, peeling exclamation points off the signs that invite people to Enjoy the Sculpture Garden!, capturing screenshots of overzealous Facebook updates and asking staff to please tone it down. · Go to No! More! Exclamation Points! →

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