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9 06, 2016

Cartography comparison: Google Maps & Apple Maps

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From Justin O'Berne: Both are the default mapping apps on their respective operating systems (Android and iOS). And both are in a race to become the world’s first Universal Map — that is, the first map used by a majority of the global population. In many ways, this makes Google Maps & Apple Maps two of the most important maps ever made.

Who will get there first? And will design be a factor? · Go to Cartography comparison: Google Maps & Apple Maps →

15 12, 2014

How NASA stays beautiful

Mon, Dec 15, 2014|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , , , |Comments Off on How NASA stays beautiful

From Fast Company: NASA has a better grasp of design than any other government agency. The U.S. space agency has several teams devoted solely to data visualization and graphics, and its materials have a consistent design language that’s pretty much the best compared with any other arm of federal bureaucracy. · Go to How NASA stays beautiful →

23 10, 2014


Thu, Oct 23, 2014|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , , |Comments Off on Metro-Ology

Ivan Specht started out making subway maps for his Dad. His first, covering Austin, Texas, was a Father's Day gift. It went from there. He set up a website, called Metro-Ology, started printing posters and T-shirts, and developed 10 more maps for other cities such as San Antonio and New Orleans. They're all completely fictitious. · Go to Metro-Ology →

7 01, 2014

A makeover for maps

Tue, Jan 7, 2014|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , , |Comments Off on A makeover for maps

From NY Times: Like many designers, Eric Rodenbeck has had a long relationship with bar graphs and pie charts. He just thinks they are a little old school for today’s data-filled world.

Mr. Rodenbeck has experimented with animation, three-dimensional maps that show the height of buildings by color changes and a representation of how photos spread on Facebook that looks like ice crystals forming on a car window. He’s even tried to characterize in a graphic how people were communicating in back channels at business conferences, with the biggest talkers at the center of a series of circles. He is, in short, trying to rethink how data is presented. · Go to A makeover for maps →

24 06, 2013

The future of infographics

Mon, Jun 24, 2013|Filed in: Bookmarks|Topics: , , |Comments Off on The future of infographics

From Geoff Kenyon: Infographics are incredibly popular with link builders right now, and for good reason, because they have worked really well.  While there may be plenty of infographics around, too many simply aren’t cutting it and the novelty is wearing off fast. This is causing infographics to be less effective as a link building tactic.

All too often Infographics are poorly executed and audiences are growing tired of seeing them – infographics (and bad ones in particular) have reached the saturation point. I see a lot of infographics and some of the most common flaws in the design of infographics include: being too complicated and long and having really bad design. · Go to The future of infographics →

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